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Hot tub benefits
Relaxes the body
Reduces stress after work
Increases heart rate
Improves emotional state
Reduces headaches
Opens the upper respiratory tract
Relaxes tense muscles
Great fun with family and friends
why choose us
why choose us
Why choose us
Happy customers

Hot tubs made by experts. Your every need is met with high quality handmade touches.

Manufacturerd hot tubs per year

We produce more than 200 hot tubs per year. We deliver throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

10 yr
Manufacturing experience

Vandens kubilų gamybos ekspertai turi sukaupę daugiau nei 10 metų patirtį. Štai kodėl užsitarnavomę jūsų pasitikėjimą.

2 yr
Guarantee period

For your safety, we provide a 2-year warranty. Therefore, you should not hesitate about the quality of the hot tub.

  • Žilvinas Dragūnas


Spa Europe is established by three childhood friends. By combining 10 years of knowledge of hot tubs and technology and experience in building saunas, the best efficiency and quality of the product has been reached. Residents of both Lithuania and foreign countries enjoy our beautiful, long lasting and elegant products. Company delivers across EU, UK and are ready to expand business overseas. We surpass in customer service. Our team will make purchasing a hot tub or sauna simple. We are there every step of the way from purchasing, from installation to advise.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews